The correct opinion about Ellen Pao Verdict

Kleiner Perkins beat the pants off Ellen Pao and her gender discrimination suit. This has become quite the lightning rod for women’s issues much like the Ferguson case was with race issues.

Photo courtesy of Recode
Photo courtesy of Recode (stolen from recode actually)

Whatever your opinion is, make sure of one thing: Do not read the court transcript or look at any evidence. Just form an opinion based on articles or if you’re short on time, just peruse the headlines. And yell passionately at people who disagree with you.

If there is a local rally, make a sign and head on over. Rallys are tons of fun.
Pro-tip:Make out your sign when you get there in case there is an opposing rally and the other side looks like more fun.

3 thoughts on “The correct opinion about Ellen Pao Verdict”

  1. After carefully lokking into all of the court transcripts and evidence, I concluded, upon mature reflection and after discussion that was not always easy, that she ought to display her secondary sexual organs or remove herself from the public sphere.

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  2. And no matter what you argue – don’t forget that it counts twice IF ITS IN ALL CAPS AND WIH LOTS O FMISAKES BECSUSE YOURE SO ANGRY11!!!11!

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