TotalDrama’s post on EffenDunn ranks second on Google

Scary weirdo, Jason C. Cleanthes
Jason C. Cleanthes

When searching for “Jason C. Cleanthes” on Google (the bozo’s last name eerily autocorrects on most people’s computers as “clenches”) it comes up for many as the No. 2 search for our previous post.

What a wonderful legacy you’re leaving for yourself, Jason. Congratulations!

Try it for yourself and see (use Incognito Mode for safety):

6 thoughts on “TotalDrama’s post on EffenDunn ranks second on Google”

  1. Your check bounced Leo “the soup snorter” , until it clears I will not troll this site as you ask. I need batteries for my chainsaw dildo which this trolling pays for. BTW, effen dumbo was kicked out of the navy and the LAPD did not accept his application due to mental instability.

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  2. It’s poo time as usual. Read this site to keep going to poo. Always pooing & pooing always. Move amongst the poo. Crawl if needed. Humble oneself to the heap of poo. You will never have piles but may suffer diarrhea. TWiT is like piles at times. The pressure intensifies!

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