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  1. LL is getting very impatient w/ non broadcasters – they may be great/bright geeks however the stammering on camera has become unlistenable/unwatchable and looks like his crew is ill prepared. Pros like Tom and Sarah could always power through a problem spot – a stutter, drawing out a word and looking to the left (Tom) – Sarah repeating words or basically doing a ‘hubba hubba’ was acceptable (to most) ultimately they sounded like seasoned pros/ The ‘broadcasters’ left after the previous 15month debacle are almost non existent. Tonight on BYB, Chad (yes a great guy) who was exposed on Reddit-Up, caught a look from Leo like this is your last day kid – you just can’t communicate well on camera / Tonya, Elgan etc just don’t seem to improve – I was willing to wait but the performances have been abysmal

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    1. I completely agree with you Muddy.

      I would take a polished presenter like Sarah (or Tom) having the worst day of their career over someone like Elgin on their best day.

      With practice he’s demonstrated that he is not an anchor, put him on TWiT with others and (when not the host/moderator where he bullies the conversation and talks over everyone) he’s fine.

      Megan showed the same in the shows this week, the banter with guests was good, but the news was rigid and robotic, with her attemps to add personal color coming off as forced. I’m hopeful that she can improve and loosen up, as well as find a stylist that knows how to work with on air talent, the “mom-filling-in” look is fine as a guest, but a daily on-screen job is a different matter.

      I can’t watch TNT with Elgin and his monotonous delivery interspersed with creepy grimaces when he comes to the end of a phrase and realizes that he shoed no emotion in his previous delivery, now I’m seeing it in Megan, a strained reading of the prompter followed by a forced smile. I’ll give it a bit, but between TN2 and her taking on iFive, there’ll be plenty of room to grow quickly, or I’m out.

      I hope that Leo and Lisa decide to invest in the talent that they have, as well as welcome good presenters rather than simply “old friends” who could use a job and fill a slot. That’s how networks grow audiences.

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