Chad Johnson now officially getting fat, depressed

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Well it was bound to happen sooner or later (what with the recent departure of Sarah Lane and the arrival of a new plaything for Leo in the guise of Megan Morrone) that Patreon’s very own lovable fake redhead Chad Johnson has now entered the beginning of the final phase of what’s known in some circles as “no longer being all that cute.”

Chad needs to start thinking outside the bun
Taco Bell is Chad’s main source of food, now that he’s not getting paid full-time wages from TWiT.

Chad’s worsening depression has led some TWiT watchers to surmise that’s exactly what is happening—the sudden and alarming packing on of the pounds is putting Chad’s svelte figure at serious risk of disappearing forever. Others suspect that it’s Chad’s misplaced love for his former boss that’s led to the extreme weight gain and is now causing Chad’s button-popping imitation of the Pig from Petaluma to take center stage.

One has to wonder when Chad is going to take the hint from CEHo Lisa Kenztell and stop coming to the Shit Twithouse altogether. He better do it soon, otherwise his little gut will expand too much and push him out of the running for any possibility of having that sugar daddy ride into town and save his bacon—and that would be a shame to waste all that fine white meat.

28 thoughts on “Chad Johnson now officially getting fat, depressed”

  1. Leo even warned chad he would get fat guess that’s what unemployment does to you. Still dunno why Chad even goes over there and works when he doesn’t get paid.

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      1. Oh come on, Chad is fully funded by “AmethystRaindrops”, someone he insist on pretending is female, and – I kid you not – the name sponsor of his (Minecraft) sword.

        This is 2015. I implore you to find a combination of the above words that wouldn’t, if uttered, result in an instant institutionalization in 1915, 1955, or even 1995.

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  2. It won’t happen to you because you always have your pretty face and hot body to fall back on. Not that you have any real brains. Your big downfall will be the drugs and booze not to mention the dark skinned men you have been fucking, that is the worst you can do.

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      1. Your retarded.

        Here, let my bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees correct your grammar: *you’re.

        Also, this isn’t 1952. Homophobia isn’t cool anymore, bruh.

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  3. He’s live streaming right now, and not even 20 minutes ago, AmethystRaindrops gave him 300 dollars. he’s gotten a good 100-200 dollars from other donations and subscriptions during that 2 hour period as well. He may not be rich, but he makes enough to pay his bills without needing to do very much.

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  4. Hey Jazz you and the other homes are just a bunch of misfits in life, you all have not been or ever will be a normal product of life. You knew you were Fucken dooomed from the get go. I bet you cry yoirselfs to sleep asking why I’m not normal. Got it you bunch of fudge Packers. Do a favor to yourself and society grab a rope tie up your balls and throw the other end over a bridge with a brick, better yet tie it around you neck

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    1. Why would anyone shed a tear about the cause for your lack of normalcy? I’d say your single-minded obsession with genitalia provides plenty a hint.

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