Match made in hell finally official


The marriage of the shitty misogynist Leo Laporte and his equally-shitty gold-digging fugly wreck of a human girlfriend has finally come to pass. In what can only be described as a match made in hell, Leo has confirmed on his Google Plus page that Lisa Kentzell is now his “bride.”

Syrupy congratulations are pouring in from all over sheepland and it’s not pretty. One commenter even went as far as to say that he wishes them a “blissful marriage.” Sure, tell that to Jennifer.

No word on if Abby and Henry were at the ceremony.

Update: An eagle-eyed TotalDrama chatroom participant noticed an uncanny resemblance to an icon of American horror in the photo below.

The horrors never cease with this Kentzell woman and her Black Bangs of Death.
The horrors never cease with this Kentzell woman and her Black Bangs of Death.

21 thoughts on “Match made in hell finally official”

  1. I’m super happy for Leo and his sexy beautiful bride Lisa Laporte. May they have a long furfilling life and may TWIT continue to florish. Amen.

    You liberal homosexuals wish you had what they do. Read Leviticus 20:10 while your at it to find out what God really thinks of you.

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    1. It is hilarious seeing people prefix liberal or conservative monikers to their distastes… Is this an American thing to do? You see it on YouTube a lot too. I laugh every time I see it. It is like categorizing someone as being less because they have a different opinion than you. As if there is just black and white. You belong to this group or that. And it is usually followed by some bible or scripture passage.

      Too funny. It must be an American thing. Lowest denominator of insult that really makes no sense in a debate.

      I am sure I can counter quote a passage in A Stephen King novel to aid my argument too, but does that really mean anything?

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    2. Also to add,

      So all the wrong moral doings of Leo apparently mean nothing to these people either. All he has to do is present himself as a nice guy on the radio and all is forgiven. I used to be duped by it too.

      The problem is, Leo is not a good person and he will continue on a streak of ruining people’s lives. Sure you don’t see it up front, but while he is collecting his hundreds of thousands of dollars, he is robbing a lot of people of their hard work and scraping them off when he no longer can draw a steady stream of revenue from them. His new wife is an identical match to his personality.

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    3. Now you’ve gone and proven what a bad Christian you are. Let me explain it to you in simple terms:
      Old Testament: Jewish Bible with angry God
      New Testament: Christian bible with loving God

      Old Testament: Kill your son to prove you love God
      New Testament: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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    4. Hey dumbass, why don’t YOU read Matthew 19:23-26, Mark 10:24-27, or Luke 18:24-27.

      They all say the same thing: Leo goes to hell. Lisa too.

      Not gay, but I am a liberal.

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