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Are you a disgruntled TWiT employee?

Are you a disgruntled former (or current) employee at TWiT? Do you want the #truth to come out? Well then, here’s your chance to have your side of the story told—anonymously. Are you tired of the damaging spin that Leo ‘n’ Lisa put on all the firings and layoffs? Are you currently an “off-site producer” for TWiT and just want to clear the air?

Get the truth out, click on the "Feedback & Tips" button.
Get the truth out, click on the “Feedback & Tips” button.

Consider TotalDrama.eu your safe-zone for free speech. We will take your story tip and weave it into a tale of such devastating truth, that Lisa’s tits will rattle and Leo will drop his soup spoon.

Just use the little button on the right of the screen labeled “Feedback & Tips.” We look forward to hearing from you Sarah, Chad, Shwood and the hundreds of others…