6 thoughts on “Tech Reporters United in Stupidity”

  1. Online privacy is indeed important and anonymity should be preserved.

    But if what you describe between HelloWorld and Christina Warren crosses any sort of line (and I am not saying it does), there are already many state and national stalking and harassment laws in place to deal with these situations.

    For instance, in New York State, action could be taken under the existing Stalking laws if Christina felt any threat, fear, or mental harm caused by being targeted repeatedly by the same person across multiple accounts. Twitter, Facebook, proxies, and ISPs have always been cooperative in turning over information when requested by law enforcement agencies, but one must navigate the proper channels.

    Ultimately the courts will decide what constitutes crossing the line, and a critical precendent may be set soon with the current Facebook threat case in front of the Supreme Court.

    This also applies on an international level, but with the “right to be forgotten,” we’ve seen how much the laws can vary by country.

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  2. I totally agree with your low opinion of tech reporters, so that’s that out of the way.

    As far as HelloWorld is concerned he’s relatively free to Tweet what he wants, however, if he is directly Tweeting to another person and those Tweets are particularly offensive or threatening there may be consequences.

    For the record he does sound like a thirteen year old idiot …

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