Let’s Take A Break from Drama!

To welcome back a long lost friend in #Twitlive, &Dan!

Yes he is back, and back with a bang.

#twitlive, TWiT’s family-friendly chat, where all are welcome1 saw a few posts by our formerly missing moderator this Friday afternoon.

Only one of note. One managing to make fun of two, maybe three, separate groups of unfortunate people.

Screenshot 2014-10-31 17.28.38

  • Those with Asperger’s Syndrome2
  • Those with neckbeards3
  • Those those that might be called trolls4

So three groups, all loving tech and loving TWiT, cast aside in one comment by Chief Mod and Kicker/Stomper, Dan.  Too bad Leo, we had hopes for a rapprochement, not to be.

  1. Exceptions to ‘welcome’:  no trolls, no non family friendly chat, no unAmerican chat, no excessive chat on one topic, no transgender chat, no Black chat, no chat about mods  and definitely no chat about any TWiT internal workings
  2. Asperger syndrome (AS) is an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), one of a distinct group of complex neurodevelopment disorders characterized by social impairment, communication difficulties, and restrictive, repetitive, and stereotyped patterns of behavior.
  3. Neckbeard: A beard that is grown just in the neck region. Clean shaven face, full neck beard.
  4. Troll.  In Old Norse sources, beings described as trolls dwell in isolated rocks, mountains, or caves, live together in small family units, and are rarely helpful to human beings.

14 thoughts on “Let’s Take A Break from Drama!”

  1. Lieutenant Dan himself got his start being a troll in the chatroom. Leo has said this multiple times.

    Good to know there’s a cure to being a damn neckbeard.

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  2. That man is as offensive if not more offensive that the overly obese Leo Laporte.

    I was always going to keep it as a personal announcement by Leo Laporte because it directly identifies me though several know my identity off Twitter.

    If &Dan wants trolling then here is my badly put together homage to the 2007 Live Free & Die Hard.

    Since I am always banned from TWiT Live I will start producing little sentences made by the less liked TWiT personalities that bring out statements that they subliminally wanted to make.

    I may not be as good at editing as you guys but I gave it a good try!


    I am too angry for words.

    Some of the most fervent supports of TWiT and defenders of #Soup & #Slop are the biggest trolls out there!

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    1. That was actually worse than the typical TD compilation edited in Windows Movie Maker. I’m all for the anti-Twit campaign to expose Soupy and his SKANK ASS CE-HO for their despicable behavior, but please stop trying to be funny. It’s cringe-inducing, horrible, never funny, and actually detracts from the point.

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  3. I just want Sarah to go on one date with me. Please Sarah. Don’t put me into the FRIEND ZONE! I tried to give her a hug last time I was at the Brick House, but it was awkward and I failed. Sarah, if you’re reading this, will you please marry me? I swear this is actually me, Rene Ritchie. I’ll be your beta provider for life, I promise!

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  4. Brian Brushwood started to reveal what he’s been holding back saying about Leo, but he was stopped by Justin. He said enough, though, to tell us that he’s been in a rage for a long time over things that Leo and Lisa have done.

    The takeaway for me was that Brian has been seething with anger and resentment towards Leo for a long time, yet has been pretending that he “loves” Leo and is “saddened” that Leo has for unknown reasons became angry with him. That has now been revealed as total bullshit. Nothing Shwood said about the Leo/TWiT banning was true. In other words, Shwood is a calculating liar and phony as he calibrates what he says to best protect and enhance his career and bottom line.

    I know most of you are huge Shwood fans, especially if you are 13-22 years old. It’s been apparent to me since I first saw Shwood and read some of his tweets that he is a total phony, a Pied Piper of the game-playing geeky young male demo, leading them to pay him money and buy his stupid merch like the “Rogue’s Wallet,” ridiculously priced and with its name stolen directly from a “Seinfeld” ep.

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    1. I think what @Toast is trying to tell us (and to an extent I agree with) is that the MohawkMan might have #Scammed us all.

      It’s probably a bit more complicated than that, though. MohawkMan might simply have been covering his ass when he was still working for #Soup. How many of us have been in a job where we loathed the boss but pretended we liked him or her, just to make our own lives bearable?

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