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my favorite host has been shunned by twit What should i do

my favorite host have been shunned by twit
What should i do? how can i watch my favorite hosts now that they are shunned over at twit?
don’t panic. don’t go complaining in #twitlive about it because that will only get you banned.

Tom Merritt: former host of tnt was let go for wanting to get paid for a living. he can now be found at


if you want to chat with Tomm you can goto
http://nightattack.tv/ and use the web chat.

NSFW is no longer on twit. Brian Brushwood and jury may also be getting shunned by twit. but you can still find them on the internet doing shows.
Their show is called night attack and its available at

reruns and chat are at

framerate. with Tom and brushwood is no more but they still do a show together on the net called cord killers.

Jcd. John C Dvorak. only sometimes shunned by Leo when John is feeling a little free and slaps #gum with a insult. Adam Curry, Johns NoAgenda podcasting buddy is full on shunned/banned from the network.
jcd and Adam Curry. aka as buzzkill and crackpot can be found at.
NoAgenda: http://www.noagendashow.com/
and web chat at:
this is not a complete list the shunned by twit gang that would take all day to write.
you can add to the list in comments if you like.