Lisa Kentzell almost through the Petaluma phonebook

Desperately seeking new employees
Desperately seeking new employees

TWiT CEHo Lisa Kentzell is up to the letter “X” now in the Petaluma phonebook as she scours the region attempting to find people to con into working at the Shit Twithouse after the unexpected and sadly public firing of longtime employee Chad Johnson yesterday.

The notoriously cunty Kentzell has worked her way all the way from “A” through “X” so far in her quest to fill the empty anchor chairs, editing positions, technical director slots and other underpaid lackey spots. No word yet on what the heartless whore is going to try next to prop up the failing TWiT finances. Leo is expecting to spend Christmas in Bruges, so she better get that spreadsheet in order.

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  1. I laughed at this post…bravo.

    Why the hell would anyone want to be that close to Silicon Valley and deal with all the BS that is California…and then go live and work in some podunk town nearby while getting less pay and crappier stuff to put on a resume? Move to CA for Google/Facebook/Yahoo/etc. not for crappy TWiT.

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