Jarvis and Laporte laugh at Robert Scoble

So we’re trying to clear out some old videos here at #TotalDrama just so they don’t get too stale. So here’s one we plucked out of the “backroom” here at TDHQ:

In a shocking display of disrespect during a taping of “This Week in Google” recently, Jeff Jarvis and Leo Laporte team up to mock Robert Scoble’s enthusiasm for technology. Scoble was not on the show and thus could not defend himself against the duo’s derisiveness. Watch for yourself to see just how unfair these two old geezers were to Scoble.

6 thoughts on “Jarvis and Laporte laugh at Robert Scoble”

  1. Hmmm, the whiners about being trolled are the BIGGEST TROLLS of them All!

    Not a day goes by without either JarPiss, Soup or Gum trolling others or trolling companies with their unwanted and hateful criticism.

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    1. Yes, Jarvis is a tool.

      Just like #Yoko, he speaks a nonsense language of jargon.

      I’d watch a show with @ProfJeffJarvis over one with the douchebag @JeffJarvis any day.

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