HelloWorld says “goodbye” to the blog

I, too, am leaving the blog.
After posting the last of the “comedy” videos (there’s about 10 I think) I will no longer be posting here.

13 thoughts on “HelloWorld says “goodbye” to the blog”

  1. Damn, I just started following this blog a couple of weeks ago. I hope the steady stream of content doesn’t let up too much. TwiT is a goldmine of idiocy right now. Thanks for everything so far.

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    1. It’s hard to write for a blog on a regular basis, especially one that requires “new/fresh content” 24/7. I say take a break and come back now and then if you feel like it. No need to sear it off forever.

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    1. Indeed, I’d agree. Two of you all of a sudden decide to stop posting on this site, with no explanation, just ‘ no longer goining to post here.’

      Sounds like Leos lawyers have been in touch. I wonder who is next to tell us they’re stopping posting.

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    1. If I’m right I expect them to not delete this post but if I’m wrong I expect them to not delete this post.

      Either way its going to not get deleted.

      The idea of this blog was the create drama for a dying idea but unfortunately for Leo and his ugly mister-ress it got out of hand so they had to kill it off.

      You see, the original idea was to say and do silly stuff during the live broadcast, post the clips here, create #drama, get viewers and repeat.

      Problem is it quickly got out from under them and people started posting real #truth, not the fluffy “Ooops I dropped the mic” variety.

      People started asking real questions, not the fluffy “Can you believe what lisa is wearing today?”.

      People started posting their own clips and then people started contacting the advertisers…

      You see the advertisers aren’t in on it and they in turn started asking questions of their own and so they had no choice but to end the #Drama.

      And now today in #drama they are chatting about phones.

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  2. Not all of your post have been negative. I wouldn’t have known about Lane hosting TNT next week if you hadn’t reported it. And because you rave about her so much I figured it’s worth giving her a second look in that format. But, I understand if you want to move on.

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