Mike Elgum has locked himself in the “Rape Room”

Ahead of Tuesday’s big announcements by Apple, Inc., reports have reached #TotalDrama’s ear that Mike Elgum has locked himself in the “Rape Room” to gather his thoughts.

Elgum is in the Rape Room preparing some bullshit stories about Apple ahead of Tuesday's big event.
Elgum is in the Rape Room preparing some bullshit stories about Apple ahead of Tuesday’s big event.

There is nothing quite like a TWiT Special Event that brings out the inane and irrelevant mumbling from the so-called news director. We’re expecting quite a load of lame jokes, a garbage pail of half-cocked commentary and a shit-ton of bizarre ass-licky attempts to curry favor with Leo. All of it—of course—will fall flat. But that’s not stopping Gumbot from hunkering down in the bunker and cobbling together a slew of shitty rants to throw at an unsuspecting livestream audience.

Shrewd TWiT watchers will be prepared with earplugs or will just tune in to the CNET to get the real story on Apple’s expected blockbuster tech news.

2 thoughts on “Mike Elgum has locked himself in the “Rape Room””

    1. It’s all been discussed, Soup Guzzler on TWiT show today, apart from insulting the guests multiple times on a Mike Elgum style tirade about Apple Followers (all of the guests had admitted using/owning the iPhone 5S) had pulled word for word comments that had been posted by Moi! on both iMore blog and CNET comments and a reply that I may have made on the Elgum google+ account about “forget the iPhone” where I pointed that the only reason that Samsung and all the others had made Smart Watches was because of all the rumor mongering and gossip that bloggers had spurted out like vomiting puppies about Apple working on one for the last few years.

      don’t know why, I am sure that he blocked me shortly after denying that he blocks people that have opinions that oppose his and my comment telling him that if he likes autoplaying videos he should go to Facebook was maybe too much for his sensitive soul.

      Roley poley was rather confrontational and then at the end plotted to purchase for employee’s (because it is a business expense) iPhone 6’s for two employee’s and take their iPhone 5S’s and give them to his kids because they “won’t know the difference”.

      I can normally tolerate TWiT for the whole show but this time he really went all they way. Poor Om Malik looked stunned, I swear he was ready to disconnect and someone in the audience even commented on it afterwards so I am sure that I was not the only one that ‘perceived it that way’.

      Never mind next week it will be John C Dvorak “because he takes the bait and argues back.”

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