5 thoughts on “Leo slaps down Elgum’s dumb commentary”

  1. Oh what an embarrassment for Elgan to have his crap shot out of the sky by his ‘friend’ Leo. Though Leo really only slapped him down because he didn’t want to upset Alex Lindsay was sitting there and he’s a little higher on the totem pole and his company leases the basement space from TWiT. It’s like a family that has Grandma stay because the money she gives them for the room is what supports the drug habit of the parents!

    A little bit later Soup Slurper couldn’t help himself and started slipping in snippy and snide comments.

    I happened to listen to a repeat of the TNT showing this morning and it dawned on me that Mike Elgan is a stuttering stammering imbecile! He starts a sentence, said half of it then starts again then gets half way through then started again! I thought the tricaster had been broken and causing the problem but it is that freaking idiot that has not learned to speak.

    How can you screw up reading a freaking autocue!

    Then this morning was the biggest show if incompetence! The look on his face when Jason pointed out to him that the recorded interview was one sided and has the guys answers. How stupid can anyone be to so ‘secure’ in what they did that they didn’t play it back to check it. That’s the sign of a lazy piece of dog fecal matter.

    Sorry Mike Elgan irritates me far more than Leo and Leo these days absolute drives me to distraction. I can barely watch or listen to one of his god awful pod casts or bear to watch the false advertising or the native advertising on Security Now! That question & answer and comment emails etc are really all advertising for Spinrite. Yet the blobbindale claims incessantly that he does not do native advertising.

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      1. I’m sorry I was writing a beastly personal blog post about LEO and his band of not so merry men and their ‘happy’ Friar. I did try and relieve the pent up disgust at that Soup Slurping Idiot and Elgum and some of the bullshit emanating from the TWiT Shit House!

        I didn’t share it though strangely enough it immediately got views, so Laporte really is a talking point on the Web but for all the wrong reasons.

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