Be careful of the iPhone 6 Plus

Just a quick tip for those #TotalDrama fans who may be pre-ordering the biggest-size iPhone 6 Plus tonight (Midnight PST or 3 a.m. EST):

It's just too much of a risk getting the bigger iPhone 6 Plus. This fat head was never meant to be seen so large.
It’s just too much of a risk getting the bigger iPhone 6 Plus. This fat head was never meant to be seen so large.

The bigger screen will show Leo’s fat face so insanely huge, that you may suffer seizures, migraines, heart palpitations and runny stool. A safer approach would be to just pre-order the 4.7-inch “normal” iPhone 6. That way you can still have the latest Apple technology, but not risk seeing any of the TWiT content or blubbery hosts at too large a size.

Just imagine how gigantic Father Padre the Blobby Priest’s chubby cheeks would look if viewed from the larger screen. Unless you’re willing to shell out extra dough for the special Jony Ive Apple Leather Puke Bucket as an additional accessory, it’s best to stick with the more diminutive iPhone.

Good luck, and happy pre-ordering!

6 thoughts on “Be careful of the iPhone 6 Plus”

  1. I did not know what to do until this article was published. Originally, yea get the small one, but then the lovely and talented Sarah Lane said she was getting the bigger one. That threw me for a loop.
    I ended up getting the smaller one with tmobile, thanks to this article.

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    1. On the contrary, you should get the bigger one and only watch TN2 and bask in the beauty of Sarah Lane! Then quickly turn it off before any of the freaks leave you wanting to stab your eyes with a dinner fork.

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  2. I understand your dislike of Leo. I’m not too fond of him myself these days.

    But why are many of complaints against him and Father Robert based on their weight? There are plenty of other things that they do, especially Leo, that deserve criticism. I’m not the skinniest person in the world and it makes me really uncomfortable when I read what you guys say about his weight — like you’re attacking me by proxy or something just because I need to lose some weight.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love 90% of what you do here. The appearance-related attacks just make me uncomfortable.

    The same sort of goes for everyone calling Lisa a nympho. She’s an adult in a committed relationship. Having a healthy sex life isn’t a negative…. there are plenty of ways that she’s ruining twit, but having a sex life shouldn’t be a part of that.

    idk… sorry, just wanted to post something and let you know how I feel about especially the weight issue…

    Keep up the good work, though. I’m a daily reader 🙂

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  3. J, you are 100-percent correct in your being concerned about weight-related posts. It is never #TotalDrama’s intent to make our readers feel attacked on a personal level.

    I think the main point to keep in mind as that these posts are directed solely at the hypocrisy of the founder and hosts of TWiT. Leo sells Naturebox by the pound, claiming that it’s a “healthy snack.” He brags about going on expensive vacations days after returning from an extended vacation. He barks at his staff when they don’t bring him his lunch quickly. It’s all too much to bear, so the fat-related posts on #TotalDrama proliferate.

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  4. Well said Helloworld, I would add that it is very off putting for a host who knows his mic is live and knowing it is a directional ie you have to have your mouth right in front of the mouth to pick up the sound, slurps and masticates. into the microphone.

    I also agree that the nature box is very misrepresented, they claim that these ‘snacks’ are healthy because they don’t have High Fructose Corn Syrup etc. What they don’t say is that you eat a whole bag of cashew nuts it is no more healthy that eating any other bag of cashew nuts! The same with many of the snacks in the range., there are some that are very high in Carbohydrates and that is not going to lose weight.

    It is more about the hypocrisy of Laporte and Co. To misrepresent the healthiness of a snack just because it is branded “Nature Box” it does not mean it is healthy it just means that it is all natural. Lard is All Natural and so are many other things but it don’t make them healthy.

    In fact someone gives a detailed description of the service the company gives and a detailed description of each one in the last box she received.

    On ‘positive’ video’s I found during a search the commenters tended to be less than positive.

    In fact they boast the dried fruits as being high in Vitamin C, during the drying process much of the Vitamins A, B, and C in fruit is lost because it becomes unstable as the fruit is dried. It is still full of minerals and does have these vitamins but not in the same concentrations as the undried fruit. Sugars are concentrated during this process and mass is reduced as the water is removed which means that you eat more than you would if you just had the fresh fruit in the first place. In fact if you are hungry, rather than snacking a qualified dietician suggests eating a fresh apple because it’s extra bulk makes your stomach feel full quicker and it stops your stomach producing the hormones that cause that hungry feeling. Combine that with a glass or two of water and you will not want to snack . Apart from that Naturebox has pretzels etc and they are not any healthier than those from any other source and all those carbs and not enough exercise and your body takes the carbs and stores it as fat for that occasion that time you may need that energy to run from a ravenous lion or a starving Leo. (sorry couldn’t help it).

    It is all about the hypocrisy of touting a product as being healthy when they are not that health except as they compare them against, ie “Bars of chocolate and bags of chips”.

    Sorry again if I offend you with my comments, I was always told to apologize and you seem to be offended and I know that I have commented in a way that may offend you. By the way I did subscribe to Naturebox and cancelled after the first box because received stale or rather rancid product and the nutrition statement contradicted their claims. Instead I did switch to fresh fruit, extra water and cut out the chips and chocolate! I lost 11 pounds in 7 days (and I still got to eat full fat ice-cream and quite a lot of it).

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