“Edie Reingold,” beloved co-host of TNT possibly missing

don-reisingerThe red-lipped Don Reisinger, aka “Edie Reingold,” is not on TNT today. He is feared missing. Please pray for #reingold and his fast re-emergence. We need his input insane banter on the show.

Please tweet him at  @donreisinger to let him know you care.

4 thoughts on ““Edie Reingold,” beloved co-host of TNT possibly missing”

  1. I’m missing EDie, he is the main reason to watch TNT on Friday. Actually the only reason.

    Hoping for the day when he tell the Gum to stuff it or get it right or wake up.

    Sorry, I think he has said at least on of those things. That’s why he’s my current fave guest host.

    Except for Elise. Hard choice; nice looking and intelligent vs. someone who insults TheGum™.

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