Always be Reporting

I am away for the weekend, hence my lack of activity. However, I will not let #drama down. I have conducted an official survey on the entity known as Gumbot and am about to publish my results.
So here they are:

Since Jan 1:

Total Sick days: 0
Total vacation days:0
Total personal days:0
Total speaking flubs: 782 (shitrix counts twice)

As a scientist I do not offer anything but data and will not, I repeat will not, make any conclusions based on said data.mike-elgan

One thought on “Always be Reporting”

  1. Your reporting is top-notch Richard Yes, but if I may, I’d like to point out one typo in your piece.
    Where it says “Total speaking flubs: 782,” there are three missing Zeros. When you have a moment, can you correct it to “782,000 speaking flubs,” thanks!

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