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TWiT Willfully Violates Federal Law with Funding from Gazelle

Leo Laporte willfully violates copyright every time he “covers” lives events. He takes streams broadcast by companies with explicit copyright warnings and re-streams them with “color commentary” over the top, making fun of the company in question.

To add insult to injury, he then sells his own ads on top of the third party’s copyrighted content with impunity!

This is what you can experience for yourself in the video above.

Scary weirdo, Jason C. Cleanthes

We don’t normally post about it, but this time, the moronic technical director Jason C. Cleanthes (EffenDumb) managed to fuck up the video switching and actually showed the copyright warning on the screen.

Leo’s audio was fucked up for most of the stream’s duration. A piercing high-pitched audio tone was constant throughout the illegal event as well. The video fared no better, with screen tearing throughout the screen capture and re-stream of a YouTube full-screen page.

EffenDunn is well on his way to being an off-site producer like Chad Johnson. Congratulations Jason C. Cleanthes!