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TotalDrama thanks the Academy

Being nominated was an honor in itself.
Being nominated was an honor in itself.

TotalDrama would like to take this second chance to thank the Academy, God, and the Universe itself for an accolade that recently was shoved under the door here at TD HQ. This award is so important that we’re taking this special opportunity to double post on this topic—an occurrence so rare and humbling, that we’re immediately placing a print-out of this blog in a time capsule that will not be opened until the year 2099.

It is especially gratifying to us all—and that includes our reporters, server managers, IT specialists, site programmers, cleaning staff, caterers, security personnel, photographers, video support people, VPN configuration experts, custom coders, and others at #TotalDrama—that what we do (purely as a labor of love) finally has been recognized. Hate-watching is a 24-hour ordeal and one that we don’t take lightly; so it is with the humblest of hearts that we gratefully accept the Chatrealm Awards 2014 “Get the Fuck Out Award.” Thank you, Robert Villegas and Brandon Cooper!

We would like to dedicate this award to Mark Milian and Sarah Lane, without whose undying love and affection none of this would be possible. But we also couldn’t have done it without the support of our fans and amazing commenters, your truly are the rage beneath our wings.