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Award Season Begins

Award season has just begun yet two things are already clear. TWiT will be shut out and #TotalDrama looks to be the bell of the ball. The first award won this season is linked below, but the presenters went too far with being negative about Leo Laporte and we do not condone that behavior. That is now officially stated for the record.

The lovely and talented Sarah Lane was not available for comment but we know this brought a smile to her face.
The awards were given by http://chatrealm.us/ so it covers the entire US.


A blunder involving cutie-patootie-in-training, Selena Larson, may have been the straw that broke the camels back on a dark Monday in TWiT’s fabled history. The November day started with a routine TNT nightmare; guests forced to appear via phone, guests cancelling, typos in the lower third and Skype screw ups. But when TN2 starts, things usually take a turn for the better.

Sarah had a cold which made her voice super sexy and that may have been a curve ball  young Anthony could not handle on his own. Selena Larson is a favorite of #Drama, she is an expert in diversity and she shares many values with our humble site. However, when Selena (expected to make the #totaldrama top 15 hotties in tech year-end special) came on, Anthony lost his cookies.
See what happened in this video below.