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A blunder involving cutie-patootie-in-training, Selena Larson, may have been the straw that broke the camels back on a dark Monday in TWiT’s fabled history. The November day started with a routine TNT nightmare; guests forced to appear via phone, guests cancelling, typos in the lower third and Skype screw ups. But when TN2 starts, things usually take a turn for the better.

Sarah had a cold which made her voice super sexy and that may have been a curve ball  young Anthony could not handle on his own. Selena Larson is a favorite of #Drama, she is an expert in diversity and she shares many values with our humble site. However, when Selena (expected to make the #totaldrama top 15 hotties in tech year-end special) came on, Anthony lost his cookies.
See what happened in this video below.