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Is Megan Morrone a Closet Racist?

File photo. Date unknown.
File photo. Date unknown.
Megan Morrone is not known for her insightful commentary, wit, charm, or looks, but no one thought she was a racist. The seemingly well-adjusted mother (we heard that she’s a parent somewhere; can’t remember where) couldn’t keep her mouth shut on this week’s iOS Today.

Even King of the Gaffe Leo Laporte had to shut it down, saying “You’re really digging it deeper and deeper each time” as Megan continued explaining why it was OK to only feel compassion for terror victims with the same skin tone as yourself.

Sure, it’s not overt, and hopefully she won’t be the racist grandma calling the neighbor’s children racial epithets, but sometimes casual, systemic racism can be even worse. We hope Leo Laporte can help Megan Morrone be more racially sensitive in the future.

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