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GIZWIZ TO Be Cancelled

After many years, it looks like forced retirement for long time TWiT contributor Dick Debartolo. Chad is leaving Petaluma and the GizWiz did not make enough money to justify its continuation with another replacement host. Show business is a business after all. Unless Leo can get Padre to host another show for free, the slapstick gadget program is Kaput. We expect the retirement communique to be postponed until after this Sunday’s surprise announcement of the Screen Savers reboot. Leo will not let Dicky’D take away from the Sunday self-love-fest. Good timing Chad!

Off-site producing not paying the bills?
Off-site producing not paying the bills?

Maybe he can announce Dick as a contributor to the ScreenSavers to fool the fans? Maybe make Dick the Head Writer? Maybe pay him a stipend like TWiT is doing for Matt Ingram appearances on TWiG? Well, one less show to cancel when they bolt the place up for good I guess. I for one am looking forward to the spindoctor spinning this one. Remember, everything is great and they are doing great. Happy happy happy you asshole fans, HAPPY WE SAID.

*This story broke on the skyrocketing blog savingtwit.org.