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Christina Warren taking it on the chin from angry tweeters

Christina Warren gives terrible advice while showing off her horrible "adult" hair on the "Today Show."
Christina Warren sucks. Her tweets suck, too.

Noted tech slut and superskank Christina Warren recently promoted a shitty story that Mashable wrote about a browser add-on. Read the comments on her promoted tweet to see that we’re not alone here at TotalDrama for hating on this unqualified piece of feminine hygiene waste known as “Film Girl.” Grow up, girl and learn how to properly promotoe real stories and headlines that stand up to criticism. At least she wasn’t wearing a hat when she tweeted this abortion of a story.

Keep in mind, these are Mashable commenters on a Mashable article, not Total Drama commenters. Even their own readers can’t stand this kind of shit.

Mashable Superfish Shitty Article Comments