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TWiT to Fire Shannon Morse During Her Honeymoon

The full scale purge at the TWiT seems to be continuing. During the live stream of Leo Laporte’s The Tech Guy show, less than an hour ago, he showed his Gmail inbox. It shows an email conversation with subject “Re: Shannon” where TWiT CEO Lisa Kentzell seems to be discussing a new co-host for “Coding 101” programme with Robert Ballecer, show’s other co-host.

As it was the case with Amber Macarthur’s show cancellation, Ms Morse is probably going to be the last person to know. Kentzell is most likely waiting for an opportune moment when Shannon is not around to drop the news.

Our best wishes to @snubs in this difficult time.

Update 1:

Unsurprisingly, Shannon Morse is not privy to the conversation about her:

Update 2:

I might be difficult to see from that video, but our forensics team has been able to decode the part of conversation visible on screen:

Oct 10 Robert Ballecer, SJ
RE: Shannon
We've got some runway because I had already altered the schedule to account for Shannon's (honeymoon)

Oct 10 Lisa Kentzell
RE: Shannon
I don't want to lose the audience we have but I think the content needs to be relevant to grow

Oct 10 Robert Ballecer, SJ
RE: Shannon
Lisa & Leo, Understood on all points. 1. Will ask Lou to co-host 2. Will work over the weekend to