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Leo Laporte’s retirement future in serious doubt

Leo Laporte’s finances just don’t add up.

It looks like Leo Laporte, America’s most over-inflated tech balloon, is on the wrong path to retirement freedom—if he ever gets to retire at all.

According to a screengrab from a recent Personal Capital live ad read, Laporte has less than $1 Million in his accounts. That’s according to the service that he allegedly uses to keep track of all his financial data. Falling $10,000 below the million mark means that Laporte will need to keep working well past his golden years if he expects to maintain his current outsized lifestyle for himself and the black-banged moneyhog Lisa.

If these numbers turn out to not include all of his holdings, then Leo is not quite as forthcoming with his audience about how amaaaaaaaazing Personal Capital is as a wealth management tool.

Let’s just hope (for Ozzie’s sake at the very least) that Leo can keep his creaky ship afloat long enough to explain to his audience why they should trust him and his money-tracking tools. Because for us here at #TotalDrama, it just doesn’t add up.