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We are all TotalDrama

This blog is public and it is read by thousands and contributed to by many. We have system administrators, writers, video editors, humorists and commentators, pundits and publishers. In short, we are more than just the sum of our many parts.

How on Earth anyone can think that TotalDrama, this blog and its active and fun IRC chatroom and its many YouTube channels could be supervised by one person is beyond the scope of comprehension of the Editorial Board.

But the self-aggrandizing uber-ego of Leo Laporte simply will not allow him to believe otherwise. He thinks that this entire enterprise is perpetrated by “one ass.” As you will see in the following video, Leo refuses to acknowledge that people don’t like what he’s become and the garbage programming that he is producing. We hate what you do, not only because you’re a lousy person, but because you call us “trolls” when it’s really just you who is the annoying “ass.”

So grab your popcorn, TotalDrama fans, and watch as Leo’s muddled mind reveals his insecurity and how he misguidedly calls the creators of this critical blog the “one ass.”