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Nobody wants to talk to Mike Elgan at Mobile World Congress

This video was captured, edited and provided to TotalDrama by one of our loyal IRC channel chatroom heroes who may or may not choose to reveal themselves in the comments section. The editorial board at TotalDrama thanks you for your service to #truth.

Stumbling around like a drunk lobotomy patient escaped from Petaluma Prison, Mike Elgan is refused time and time again by staffers at various Mobile World Congress booths. It’s like watching a bumbling reporter play Whack-A-Mole—but in reverse.

On multiple occasions when the clueless Gumdumb shoves his mic in the face of a hapless product manager, he is given the unequivocal smackdown. “Eww, don’t interview me,” says one woman.

The only person he really gets to talk to is somebody who works in San Jose. Priceless. I’m sure Lisa Kentzell is thrilled that she spent thousands of dollars to send him all the way to Spain only to interview some PR hack from down the  street.

The most wonderful part of the video was when (at the every end after he thought the camera was off) Elgan said, “Shit.”

What a way to end the broadcast, Elgan.