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Christina Warren and her dumb hat

Women in broadcasting (think Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric) have always worn dumb hats when conducting their most important interviews. One must only let their mind wander back a few years to think of the hours and hours of videotape in the archives of the National Museum of Broadcasting showcasing these gorgeous and smart women with their hats. Oh wait. They don’t. Accomplished women have not marginalized themselves with ridiculous head coverings that steal the spotlight from their on-air personas. So good luck being taken seriously with your shitty fashion, Christina Warren—never let some pothead-esque chapeau stand in the way of your dumb opinions. The men in the room certainly don’t seem to take you seriously, so why should we? And with a Twitter handle like @film_girl, you’ve already told the world you have no interest in being a woman of substance. So keep your stupid hat, little film girl, and let the real women do the meaningful reporting.