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A call for TWiT to address equal pay for women in tech

There’s been a lot of discussion here around the round table at the editorial board at TotalDrama about the alleged recent bombshell TWiT salaries leak. Should we publish the data? Should we expose the real leak inside TWiT? Is this even real? Would the retaliation against Jason C. Cleanthes (EffenDunn) be so devastating personally that he’d be in danger of losing his job and having to resort to this or heaven forbid, this.

TotalDrama has decided that we are not comfortable with any of those scenarios. (And it’s possible somebody impersonated EffenDunn.) Moreover, the exact salary figures aren’t really important. What is important is that TWiT’s female staffers are allegedly getting a raw deal. They might possibly be working more hours for less pay than their male counterparts. So out of respect to the women at TWiT, we are not going to release the salaries—we believe it would foment too much ill will among current staffers.

But the fact remains that an alleged massive imbalance in pay between male and female staffers must be addressed publicly by Leo and Lisa if there is any hope of living up to the worthy ideal of equal pay for women in tech.

So we call upon Leo and Lisa to address this issue head on. Without their strong voice setting the record straight, their viewers and our readers have no choice but to assume the worst.