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There’s ‘fair-use’ and then there’s stealing

There’s “fair-use” and then there’s stealing. And TotalDrama is asking Leo Laporte and all the hosts and contributors on the TWiT network to stop stealing other journalists’ hard work.

On every program that he appears on, Leo Laporte plops himself down in front of his laptop and just starts reading The Verge, Engadget, 9to5mac, MKBHD…it has to end.

twitlogoround3Why do these news outlets, bloggers and hard-working tech journalists allow their work to be basically stolen from them? Leo then just puts a NatureBox ad on top of their stuff. It’s not right and goes way beyond the established “fair-use” rules for commentary or parody. Leo is doing nothing to “advance the public discourse.” He’s merely robbing these sites of their content for his own personal monetary gain. And it must stop now!

We call upon Leo and his entire crew to stop this theft immediately.

TotalDrama is calling for a boycott of all TWiT shows until this practice stops.