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Leo Laporte’s purge of gay staffers continues

Leo just can't help firing the gay staffers at TWiT.
Leo just can’t help firing the gay staffers at TWiT.

Slack-mouthed soup-slurper Leo Laporte’s purge of all gay staffers is almost complete. With the recent firing of Jeff Noodles, the few remaining LGBT community members includes Myriam Joire and Jason C. Cleanthes. Before that Chad Johnson and Dick DeBartolo were shown the door.

It remains to be seen just how far Leo will allow himself to be manipulated by the notoriously anti-gay Lisa Kentzell. But we fear for Jason C. Cleanthes. He needs the paycheck.

So here’s the complete list of fired, demoted or otherwise purged gay/lesbian contributors:

  1. Gina Trapani
  2. Chad Johnson
  3. Jeff Noodles
  4. Dick DeBartolo
  5. Edie Reingold
  6. Colleen Kelly
  7. EffenDumb (Jason C. Cleanthes) (possibly demoted but not yet fired)

We here at TotalDrama stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the brave gay employees that have been fired by TWiT. This unfair treatment should not be tolerated in 2015. Leo and Lisa should be ashamed of their unfair business practices.

Leo Laporte slams Myriam Joire

Leo Laporte has no class.
Leo Laporte has no class.

Leo Laporte, ever the consumate douche, slammed one of his newest contributors today during a live ad read for NatureBox during “This Week in Google.” In describing the snacks-by-mail service, Leo said “no trans fats.”

Myriam Joire
Myriam Joire

We here at TotalDrama operate by a live-and-let-live philosophy, and whatever the state of Myriam’s life path, we find it abhorrent that Leo would say that she is not welcome at TWiT. “No trans fats,” indeed. Horrible, just horrible to treat Myriam this way. Leo should be ashamed.