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New TWiT website is live, and it is pure garbage

Looks just fantastic with the text box slicing through Leo's head and obscuring the audience. I guess that's what $350,000 buys these days.
The new TWiT site looks just fantastic with the text box slicing through Leo’s head and obscuring the audience. I guess that’s what $350,000 buys these days.

BREAKING NEWS: The new TWiT website is live and it is one confusing messy pile of HTML.

Months in the making, Leo couldn’t stop squawking about how amazing and cutting-edge the new site would be—and let me tell you, it is nothing short of underwhelming.

Costing a reported $350,000, it’s a bloated, bewildering junk pile of a revamp. Even Chad Johnson’s Giz Wiz website blows it away in terms of an elegantly finessed portal to content.

Please comment about what you think is wrong with the site, but for now the editorial board at TotalDrama has compiled this short list:

  • The image carousel of “hero” images is too fast and is confusing. Read this for a perspective on why this is just plain bad.
  • Text covers up the middle of the photos, at one point an ugly black box covers the back of Leo’s head as if attempting to slice  through his brain.
  • The TWiT logo on the upper left is a jagged disaster (one would think that $350K could by a properly anti-aliased alpha-transparent PNG).
  • Not one person of color appears on the homepage. So much for diversity.
  • The cartoons on the “Shows” link are a jumbled wreck of amateur-hour kindergarten doodles that appear nothing like what the hosts really look like.
  • More critiques to come, but for now, just repeat this number out loud: $350,000.00. That’s what this disordered muddle cost.