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John C. Dvorak and Adam Curry to Host TWiT’s Live WWDC Coverage

It’s finally time.

John C. Dvorak finished his vinegar book and is back on TWiT with no hard feelings.

The jovial relationship between Mr. Laporte, who invented podcasting, and Adam Curry — a lesser known podcaster, former MTV employee, and failed Indiegogo project creatorcontinues uninterrupted.

Tune in June 5, 2017 for live, willful copyright infringement, “as per usual,” according to Mr. Laporte!

manimal couldn’t be reached for comment (we didn’t actually try).

Leo Laporte will be gone to the Galapagos, one of the many expensive vacations he uses to try to fill the void in his life where friends, family, and accomplishments would be. Maybe bragging about this one will impress people, Leo!

For his part, Adam Curry is so excited, he can barely keep it together.

Loek van der Helm (@wonderhelm) removed his tweet that alerted us to the announcement — and now protected all his tweets — but we always retain the screenshots.

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