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Guests finally beginning to cancel on the pervert Leo Laporte

Guests and co-hosts of TWiT shows are finally beginning to see the light of truth shining on Leo Laporte’s perverted actions and are bailing on the fat host and his failing network. It’s like the USB-enabled rats are fleeing a fat sinking ship.

And in further evidence that the once mighty network is showing foundational cracks, technical director Jason Howell had to yank Leo back from the brink last week from a disastrous ad-related decision and remind him that per the signed contract with advertisers, Leo can’t just move ad placements around from show to show. Thus, Leo is recording “iPad Today” with zero ads. Tada!

Leo Laporte was photographed frantically searching the Internet for a replacement guest.

“iPad Today” had to run early to take the place of a guest cancellation on the boring “Triangulation” show (which was originally intended as a three-way interview format between guest, Leo and the chatroom…but Leo long ago dropped the pretense of involving #twitlive in the show). Leo then proceeded to badmouth the guest, sci-fi writer Ernest Cline. Thank God for Ernest that he didn’t appear on the show. Who needs that kind of negative publicity  of Leo Googling you during the show to figure out what the hell he’s going to ask. You can only talk bout the weather and where you born for so long.

Is this a non-Mexican version of Padre? Perhaps this person can be a guest on "Triangulation."
Is this a non-Mexican version of Padre? Perhaps this person can be a guest on “Triangulation.”