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It’s entirely possible that Megan Morrone was told to shape up or risk being fired

Megan Morrone is not suited for this type of work in any case.

It’s entirely possible that today when Megan Morrone was summoned to Leo Laporte’s office clutching a notepad (as seen on the DropCam) that she was told to either shape up her TN2 hosting personality or be prepared to become an “off-site producer.”

This would be unwelcome news for the sharp-eyebrowed news reader. After all, it was only a few months ago that she was brought on board to replace Sarah Lane.

Megan on the right and Leo on the left
Megan on the right and Leo on the left

Fans have not been taking to her odd delivery and stilted uncomfortably-fake anchor voice. In fact, she’s kind of like a female version of Padre with the weirdo tone and robotic up-and-down flow. Whatever the case, being called in to the boss’s office with pen and paper is hardly ever a good thing.

In just another example of Leo’s extreme sexism, TotalDrama fans have been speculating that if Megan is indeed close to being shown the door, then how is it possible that Mike Elgan has held on this long?