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Leo Laporte’s Fatlogic

Leo Laporte’s fatlogic is a source of wonder and yet is scientifically sound. We at Total Drama are confused why Leo Laporte could possibly have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. How could this be, especially in a world where fatlogic reigns supreme?

A list of totally true Fatlogic Facts® regarding Leo Laporte:

  1. Leo never drinks soda or juice and is peeved that he didn’t gorge himself on corn syrup to get fatter sooner.
  2. He never overeats.
  3. It’s genetic.
  4. His body doesn’t obey the laws of thermodynamics: He eats fewer calories than he burns and still gains weight.
  5. Leo exercises so that means he can eat whatever he wants in any amount he wants.
  6. He likes pasta but doesn’t think he eats it to excess.

Leo goes on to talk about how people in the South drink sweet tea and a bunch of other boring stuff. We prepared a post two weeks ago with nearly 30 minutes of Leo talking about his confirmed diabetes diagnosis, but we never posted it (because we don’t want to bore our readers to death.) Let us know in the comments section if there is any interest in seeing the entire video.

There may not be much of a point to posting the video, because Leo talks constantly about diabetes and specifically how it is not his fault. So, feel free to just tune in to the live stream at any time to get that.