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Leo Laporte Searches “Mike Elgan” and Receives Mostly Total Drama Results

Update: They hilariously blurred out the visible Total Drama thumbnail in the posted episode.
Mike Elgan on Qwant
Mike Elgan on Qwant

The DJ masquerading as a tech personality, known as Leo Laporte, searched for “Mike Elgan” on some dumb French search engine on This Week in Google to try out its capabilities. He then clicked on the videos tab and was greeted with solely Total Drama content.

Elgan was on the show, gripping a microphone and holding it close to his face like a phallus, espousing his love of Cuba.

We suspect it will be edited out of the show, as they normally do when censoring the shows, but we will update the post if it’s left in. They did censor it, as linked in the update at the top of the article.