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Passive-aggressive mean girl Denise Howell forced to wear TWiT fez

Denise Howell wears that ugly TWiT fez over her wig.
Denise Howell wears that ugly TWiT fez over her wig.

Legendary bitchy TWiT contributor Denise Howell (hostess of “This Week in Law”) has been sent a year-end “bonus” by Leo ’n’ Lisa: The ugly TWiT fez. Denise was forced to wear the gift that is essentially just a branding opportunity for the shitty TWiT company disguised as something nice for the hosts. (Total Drama tried for nearly 14 minutes to get a better screen capture than the one above, but Denise kept fluttering her eyes like a French whore so often, that it was impossible to get a more flattering pose.)

Wearing zero makeup with a dirty sweatshirt sitting in her outdated middle-class kitchen at home, Denise Howell appears uncomfortable and barely able to contain the subtext of rage that bubbles under the surface as she wears the ugly hat over her wig.

Hey, Denise: Next time you decide to bring out that ice-cold bitch stare, make sure that you actually have some real-world work experience to back up that rude attitude. Nobody wants to hire an attorney who doesn’t even have a real office.