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A prayer for Padre

Father Robert Ballecer, the slow-moving dullard host of 46 different TWiT shows, has posted on Twitter that Sept. 16 is a day of decision for him.

So it with a hopeful heart that we offer up this prayer to the Most Almighty of All, Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Bringer of Peace and Hope to the World:

Dearest God in Heaven Above,

Please take our Padre away from us—as you need him more than us.
Let his service at The Vatican bring joy to others far away from us.
The more you make him work for others in a land nowhere near the United States of America, the more good he can do.
Please understand that our joy comes not from Padre not being with us, but from the everlasting light that he brings to others and just keep him away from us forever more.

We ask this in your name, Lord Jesus. Bless Padre and let his flight take him to the farthest reaches of the globe, never to return.