We Love Our Devs

Nobody appreciates the third party developers, who make the various twit apps for the fans, more than Leo. No one. Every chance he gets to thank Craig he does. They do such a great job, but the future is mobile and that will be some decent money. In our exclusive view of the new website we noticed an Apps page on the prestigious navigation bar. (Just follow the subtle red arrow below)

Follow the Red Arrow
Follow the Red Arrow

Debuting alongside this new site will be the official TWiT owned IOS, Android and Windows apps. Figure they push their new app hard and get 100,000 combined IOS/Android downloads at $3.99 and wallah, the new website is paid for plus a small profit. Stick in some ads on the apps and you have more money coming in. All they needed to do was screw over a few friendly developers. Maintenance? Let the current engineers do it. They walk around a lot anyway.

TWiT Employee Hilton Goring could not be reached for comment
TWiT Employee Hilton could not be reached for comment

Get ready for the hard sell folks. $$$
Man if I am right about this, it really is all about money. Remember when they cared about content. A full review of the site is on savingtwit.org. I don’t understand how Hilton still works there. He needs to move on already.

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