11 thoughts on “Tummy Ache Sidelines Drama”

  1. The following is true.

    I wanted to nap on my sofa after a long day at the saltmine just now. On my Roku, I turned on TWIT, where just by happenstance ‘Security Now’ was recording. The combination of Steve Gibson and Gummo (filling in for #soup) had me out in 30 seconds.

    Jesus Christ, Gibson is a bore. He never shuts the fuck up.

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    1. oh come on, someone has to explain how the blob connects to the other blob, and how the thingy of https dosent work if the thingy is connected to the blob via ssl and how we should always use writespin when in a secure bathroom.

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  2. Gibson talks and talks and talks until people are so confused and numbed by what he is saying, they just assume he’s an expert.

    If he wasn’t so homely, he would have made a good politician.

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  3. Sooooo thescreensavers.tv points to a hover landing page. The whois info says it was registered (privately) back in March.

    That’s not definitive proof or anything, but that was around the time Leo started talking about a “big announcement” and telling Sarah that he hopes she’ll be a part of a new show launching in March. Hover is also Twit’s registrar of choice…

    Betting we’ll get the announcement this weekend.

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