TotalDrama.Net Launches in the Face of European Opposition

Stop EU Deportation!
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The editorial board of Total Drama found out that we are not welcome in the European Union. Angela Merkel personally deported us back to the slum of .org and issued us a trespass warning.

Like Greece, we shall not take Merkel’s disrespect laying down. TotalDrama.Net is back and better than ever, ready to cover every soup-slurping, mic-muting, k-lining, host-firing moment of TWiT.

Call for Guest Writers

We can’t do this without you, the reader. We literally can’t because TWiT sucks so badly now that we can’t watch with the same frequency we used to. We rely on you for tips so we can go back and check the DVR to see what horrible thing they’ve done now and write about it.

This is still a lot of work for a small band of writers. We are calling on you to submit your own articles through the tip functionality of the site. If your writing/videos/images are good over several submissions, you will be given access to post to the site yourself. Give us a real email in this case (make a new anonymous one if you wish) so that we can get in touch with you.

Help us out and help us cover the “netcast” wasteland in Petaluma today!

PS: Gum says adding a picture makes a post more engaging. Did it work?

3 thoughts on “TotalDrama.Net Launches in the Face of European Opposition”

  1. I really think we need to republish Kevin Rose’s interview here for anyone who might have missed it. otherwise it is Episode 43 Leo comes off as such a self-righteous sleazeball piece of shit liar in that interview and Kevin Rose just let’s him go. Kevin did a great service to the community that is trying to show Leo’s true colors.

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    1. Create a video with good clips from it, upload it to youtube, and send it in, and we’ll do an article on it. We welcome user submissions. Just click Feedback & Tips on the right side of every page in the center by the scroll bar.

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