This blog has gone to the dogs

This blog has gone to the dogs. It used to be so good, now it’s just a bunch of posts about hats and scarves. If I wanted a fashion blog, I would go to Vogue or some other place. Fuck you guys.

Oh. Here’s a picture of a dog wearing a scarf:

What do you want from me. Blogging is hard.
What do you want from me? Blogging is hard.

12 thoughts on “This blog has gone to the dogs”

  1. I don’t want complain but that scarf is “like totally wrong” for a black dog. I’m just going to have to wait for Leo’s and Lisa’s
    new cooking show for entertainment.

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  2. …finally a funny scarf/hat post, are we to believe all those previous lame scarf/hat post were really just a set up for this? Was there a method to TD’s madness? Is TD a puppetmaster who has uncovered his inner Lisa Laporte? Or is TD just as lazy his nemesis Leo Laporte? I’m betting on the later…

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  3. The elves are frantically taking the last InsideTwitShit video and restoring the ‘lost’ sections. Hopefully it will then make more sense.

    Perhaps someone more web savvy will be able to tell us how an RSS feed is now an API? Maybe they have reversed the flow.

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