Mike Elgan ruins live Apple Watch coverage

twitlogoround3Mike Elgan ruined Leo Laporte’s live Apple Watch announcement coverage by talking over the exact moment when the prices were announced. Although it’s to be expected that Gumbot would fuck up a live event like this (see his disastrous “coverage” of Mobile World Congress) we’re still in shock here at TotalDrama with just how much Elgan is unable to carry off a live broadcast without sticking his dick in everything and fucking it up.


14 thoughts on “Mike Elgan ruins live Apple Watch coverage”

  1. What do you expect from Mr Elgan! He prides himself on trolling Apple. He has made it his life goal to do so. If you look at previous Apple events he went way way out of his way to make jibes at Apple and wreck the whole thing. Now if it were a Samsung event and he was sitting right next to Leo he would have been quiet, courteous and would not have picked the very points that everyone had been sitting anticipating to cut off. It’s not as if it were not obvious that pricing was about to be announced, he must spend hours practicing his sabotage.

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  2. I went to the Twit website just before the Apple event and when I saw Elgum there, I immediately went to The Verge instead. I cannot stand Elgum’s inane and somewhat moronic “expert” advice. Also, his coverage in Barcelona was cringe worthy, has he any self awareness at all ? When Soup announced him as the brand new super duper “News Director” I thought to myself, well that is a huge mistake, where is the new talent ? Oh yeah, no one wants to go on the shows except a bunch of boring old farts.

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  3. I heard nothing of what Cook said. Those 3 jackass idiots covered up everything with mindless, witless chatter. No wonder fatass is off the Apple list. Leo shut fuck up and let Elgum talk.
    My God did I really just say that? Now I have to jump off a bridge.

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    1. Dr, if you jump, please make it the Washington St bridge over the Petaluma River, thereby allowing the TWiT crack breaking news team to cover your jump. Also, if you will in support of OMG Chad and the Gizz Wizz, insert a life straw in your mouth before you go under…

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  4. +1 Chris. Strange but true. Although I haven;t really liked twit in a long time I always tuned in for Apple events. Not today.

    Now does anyone remember the famous TWIT Puppet Theatre? That was prime twit. At their peak. Funny and entertaining.

    That episode was scrubbed and is lost to time.

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  5. I didn’t watch live and thought I would listen after the fact just to see what their reactions where. Elgum of course took every chance possible to try and crack as many lame ‘jokes’ about apple as he could. The best part was that these guys were so busy trying to be funny and entertaining, they completely missed key elements of the keynote as evidenced by the continuous “what, what – did we miss it? How much was it? Does it have wifi….huh? – cmon chat room, bail me out on this”

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