Leo Laporte denies knowing Amber MacArthur

Incredible douche and fake human being Leo Laporte denies knowing who Canadian tech reporter and social media expert Amber MacArthur is during the reporting for the Mobile World Congress. Amber was on hand in Barcelona to host the Samsung post-event showcase and Leo pretended like he didn’t know who she was. He worked with her for years before abruptly firing her mere hours before the taping of her signature show “The Social Hour.” Leo, shame on you. You know exactly who she is. She’s the amazing woman who you use to help you shill your stupid Freshbooks ad. Leave Amber alone!

Do her a favor and tweet @AmberMac to let her know that Leo is still being such an asshole to her. Knowledge is power!

22 thoughts on “Leo Laporte denies knowing Amber MacArthur”

  1. Andy turned his eyes away to that slap in the face. Why does no one says anything. It is very mean. The chat room probably said something, so later Laporte said he “did not recognize” it was Amber. How do you do that to someone?

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    1. >> WE NEED TO DYE LISA’S HAIR!!!!!

      I recall watching a program on PBS that included a segment on how spiders need to shed their exoskeletons periodically as they age and grow. There’s a short time right after they emerge from their old ‘skins’ when they are most vulnerable to attack. Seeing as how Lisa consumes a new soul every few weeks I’m guessing shortly afterwards that would be the time when she’s most vulnerable and open to having her hair messed with.

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    1. Tech journalist? More like a tech shill. Did you miss the part where she’s being paid by Samsung to host that gig?

      She’s getting paid to tout a company, and a pretty lame company at that. Please don’t call her a journalist.

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  2. In all honesty I wouldn’t have recoginsed her either. Most of the time on Twit she didn’t even bother to brush her hair, let alone the whole make-up shtick.

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  3. Way back when Amber and Leo did Net@Night, Amber changed her hair color. Leo was clueless because he didn’t check his twitter feed… If he had he would have seen the pictures Amber and John P were tweeting from Barcelona.

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  4. TWiT never bothered to remove the faux pas from the video posted on their site. Everything’s there…except for Gum’s on the scene report. He had ONE job.

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