Christina Warren sprays bullshit out of her mouth

Christina Warren makes no sense whenever she opens her mouth.
Christina Warren makes no sense whenever she opens her mouth.

Whenever Mashable’s Christina Warren appears on “Tech News Today” she pretty much just sprays bullshit out of her mouth. There’s really no other way to describe the amount of shit she expects the viewers to believe. She is a dumb woman with zero credibility. Just because she talks fast, doesn’t mean she’s making any sense.

Megan Morrone: Christina, do you like Linux?
Christina Warren: I do. I use my Mac laptop everyday, but I certainly use Linux on the server.

Um, OK. That’s great, Christina. Thanks for the detailed account of your experience with Linux.

At least she wasn’t wearing a stupid hat.

74 thoughts on “Christina Warren sprays bullshit out of her mouth”

  1. Why are you always picking on Christina? Are you afraid of women? Is that why you always attack Lisa, Megan and the other TWiT women? Do hate women so much?

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    1. We pick on Lisa cause she looks like a man in drag.

      We pick on Megan because of her disturbingly big eyebrows and monotone delivery.

      We pick on Christina because she’s an idiot with exceedingly unattractive looks and a childish Twitter handle.

      Any other questions?

      Any other questions?

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      1. Oh no, they can’t pick on the Late Jeff Jarvis anymore. That would be disrespectful and nobody on Total Drama would disrespect a person that was no longer here to defend themselves.

        This coming week I heard that they were going to have a show all about him on TWiT instead of This Week in Google it was going to be a memoriam for the poor guy! didn’t you see it on the TWiT website, a big notice about how sorry they were and that they would miss him.

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  2. Christina is in New York. HelloWorld is in New York.

    New York state has the strictest anti cyberstalking and anti cyber harassment laws in the country.

    this will not end well

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        1. Lobo, which law school did you graduate from? I DID graduate law school – Ivy League, with honors – and there is no such element in the law called “targeted harassment.” What I and my brethren are doing is simply exercising our First Amendment right to free speech. Following your specious argument, any tv commentator who calls a politician dumb or another insult is guilty of this made-up “targeted harassment.”

          So, do us all a favor and FUCK OFF, douchebag.

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      1. So Christina Warren tweets basically, “Look at me, look at me, I’m on the ‘Today’ show.” So we go look. And we don’t like what we see. Are we supposed to just say she looked great and did a wonderful job?

        This is criticism of her public persona, which is allowed by the United States Constitution.

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  3. You’re being ridiculous. It’s called comedy and truth-telling. You know, like how Jay Leno told jokes for eight solid years about how dumb George Bush is.

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    1. youre not Jay Leno. and thats a great defense strategy for when it goes to court, after your ISP gives up your identity from a subpeona and Christina’s journalist friends write fair and balanced articles about what a great comedian you are and how safe she has felt knowing you’re obsessed with her

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          1. I’d say the climate is not good!

            One half the the country is hot and dry and begging for water and the other half is freezing, cold, snowy or wet.

            Either way, it’s all good to me!

            Meanwhile, I’d say that Molly needs to Shush! She’s equally guilty of harassing. She’s been harassing people for weeks.

            You seem to have chosen your name quite rightly. A timber wolf. A relatively cowardly animal that lurks and then attacks.

            You see, when someone makes themselves a public entity they make themselves a target, they may not want to make that choice willingly but by putting themselves in the public eye they make themselves a target.

            Some people don’t grasp that and throw a tantrum. Leo Laporte for example, an attention whore of mammoth dimensions (figuratively and physically) who will post pictures of his wife and her child in an almost sexual embrace in a japanese soaking tub. Then he throws a hissy fit and calls anyone critical of him a “Troll”.

            Others, take the trolling in their stride, for example Tom Cruise has been the target of many such attacks and jibes both because of religious beliefs, being member of a cult, and his lifestyle. He merely ignores and continues on with his life.

            The trouble is the whiney fuckers like Laporte, the late Professor Jeff Jarvis and Christina “Look At Me” Warren want the positive attention but whine about the negative attention.

            I wouldn’t call anything about Total Drama is harassing and certainly not threatening.

            You could say that the occasions when Night Attack would pick a news story and get everyone at Diamond Club to post comments to make the story appear more read or popular than it really was is equally ‘trolling’ or abusing. Again it really isn’t.

            But hey both Molly and yourself, Lobo, have chosen to troll or harass Helloworld and Totaldrama so you are equally in the same boat!

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        1. Wow, talk about homophobic! Molly you should be ashamed of yourself, especially since 60% of TWiT employee’s are now LGBT and that percentage is growing fast with each new hiring.

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          1. I’m not homophobic . I have several close friends who are gay/lesbian. I support the LGBT community. What I don’t like is the obsession HelloWorld has for TWiT and making up shit and picking on women and calling them cunts and other derogatory names.

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      1. Lobo, it’s free speech , sport! If a lawyer went to our ISPs seeking a subpoena, a judge would not only laugh at that lawyer, he’d refuse the request but possibly hold him in contempt for “abuse of process.” That means lock the lawyer up for a week. Judges don’t like lawyers who waste their courtroom time.

        Fuck off, douchebag.

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        1. ISPs will give out your info to law enforcement as part of an investigation. You might not go to court but your identity will be revealed and you might have to deal with some things.

          But not you Holden. No one gives a fuck about you.

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          1. Lobo, protected speech. Law enforcement can’t request info on users without a subpoena, which would never be granted.

            Now I get it. you must be a fat, pimply guy who dreams of Christina day and night and see your trolling us as her knight in shining armor.

            Fuck off douchebag.

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          2. Bruce, protected speech dude. See my comments above. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

            Fuck off, Christina fanboy douchebag.

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      1. Actually Lobo is the guy that cleans the floors at Mashable. Once in a while Christina pats his head and says nice job and in return he gets to style her hair when she is going onto skype as a guest for a show.

        Then he goes off in a corner and masturbates over the linux server.

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    1. My dear Lobo! I never used that as a defense. I merely state that anyone that chooses to be in the public eye should expect to attract some attention that they personally feel is not warranted, or in her case “warrented”.

      It is obvious that she has far too thin a skin, though she is quite happy to post pictures of her posing with the words “I Just Stole Your Boyfriend” I guess that she might have gotten some unwanted attraction.

      I do stick by my point that yourself and Molly are both in glass houses and throwing rocks.

      I do of course give my commiserations to anyone that has to deal with her. One of her ex-fellow workers at Mashable, whom shall remain nameless, says she is a primadonna and really a queen bitch to work with. That is not made up, it comes from someone that no longer works with her because of how much of a bitch she is.

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        1. Sunny G, surely you are describing TWiT. Leo and his cronies. I remember when Leo Laporte and the Late Jeff Jarvis spent 15 minutes making salacious and sexual comments about a woman in a video that they picked on the internet that was advertising a product like a pair of dirty old men.

          Are you implying that anyone here believes that Christina Warren was once a man who changed to being a woman? You really need to seek help Sunny!

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      1. Leo is nobody. He used to be a respected news journalist years ago. Now he’s a nobody that depends on everyone else for answers. Leo is not tech savey, likeable or funny.

        Everyone claims stalking. TD does not seek out so called victims. They come here to be harangued.

        Lisa is not the reason for twits downfall. A sad. fat old man making a fool of himself and wanting to get laid is.

        Film girl I have never watched for long realizing she is just a copy and paste tech something that needs a bath.

        The resistance is alive a well.

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        1. TWiT’s present condition is largely the product of Mr. Laporte’s inability to deal with his mid-life crisis in any constructive way. Massive self-indulgence is the ongoing result.

          Just sayin’ and best regards.

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  4. I’m sick of people saying, “Because they are in the public eye, I can troll them all I want attitude.” Nobody has the right to harrass others. I also dislike people screaming “Freedom of speech” issue when they spew hate. Yes, it’s your right, but be aware of the consequences of what you spew.

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    1. It’s Free Speech Molly. Guaranteed by the US Constitution. You don’t like what we say? Then get the fuck out of here.

      For the MILLIONTH time since you trolls are so fucking dumb, we are exercising our constitutional rights.

      Fuck off, douchebag cunt bitch.

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    2. Molly, Molly, Molly, you seem to be of the same thinking that Leo Laporte and the Late Jeff Jarvis and the Dumb as a dead man Mike Elgan.

      You obviously believe that if the opinion is not agreeing with your opinion regardless of how wrong you happen to be that it is trolling.

      The fact is that Christina Warren makes a choice to be in the public eye, just like she had a choice about wearing a very tight T-Shirt with the words “I Stole You’re Boyfriend” plastered across it and posing in a provocative manner. She posted the picture not you, not I and not HelloWorld or any other person. SHE MADE THAT CHOICE.

      She also makes the choice to be in the public eye. I remember another guest host on TNT, Sarah Silbert who made the choice to remove herself from the public eye and run as fast as she could from dealing with TWiT. Not because of (as it was then) but because of Mike Elgan whom she realized was stupid and incompetent. In fact the number of guest hosts that have run for the hills after realizing the stupidity of Elgan is unbelievable.

      The fact is that she continues to place herself front and center in the public eye is testament to her desire for attention even if that attention is not exactly what she really expects.

      Other personalities take this into their stride and they just deal with it because they are mature enough to know that sometimes what you attract is not adoring sometimes it is stalking and sometimes it is just trolling but they learn to ignore it.

      Just like many people have switched off to what you say when you troll the comment section of!

      For a woman that claims to be of middle age you show a lack of maturity in your comments and posts. Are you sure you are not a child trolling yourself.

      On another point I would like to Congratulate Felicia Day and others at Geek & Sundry for raising $100,000 for a Lupus charity backed by Joss Whedon and his wife (whom suffers from it) and they didn’t complain about the cost of the event .

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  5. Looking I’ll does not equal that he has died. There are many comments. Facts would be helpful. We have free speech. We are blessed. However, name calling doesn’t solve problems. People like to vent frustrations. When I think about the show that Amber MacArthur hosted with Sarah Lane may not be too different from Marketing Mavericks. Also some commenters talk about Leo in a hot tub. Did he post a photo?

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