TotalDrama kept afloat on the wings of an angel investor

We can't get enough of the shit on TWiT.
An angel investor has saved TotalDrama.

The editorial board at TotalDrama is relieved and grateful to announce that an angel investor has swooped in and has rescued us in our desperate time of need. If you recall, we were mere days away from getting shut down.

But it seems that our mission here has caught the attention of an anonymous savior and we have been saved. We aren’t allowed to divulge any details of who provided us with the reprieve from the hangman’s noose, but trust us when we tell you that our supporters are legion and we are stronger and more capable than ever. There are some powerful people out there and we have a few of them in our corner fighting for #Truth.

TotalDrama lives! This also means that the IRC is alive and kickin’ as well.

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