Some people think Mike Elgum’s wife is a stone-cold bitch

We already know that Mike Elgum is a complete dumbass. But now we have proof that his wife acts sometimes like a crazy bitch. Are all the people affiliated with TWiT fucked-up turds?

Mike Elgan is crazy for posting these shitty videos of his wife. Enjoy!

17 thoughts on “Some people think Mike Elgum’s wife is a stone-cold bitch”

  1. I’m all for what you do here on the blog… I think Leo and his bullshit needs to be kept in check, and good on you all for doing it… but… this isn’t cool guys.

    Don’t go after people’s spouses – and for absolutely no good reason, or evidence to backup what you’re saying.

    So the dumbass makes videos of his wife… that doesn’t make her anything, certainly not a bitch. You do not know her.

    Shame on you, really.

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      1. But that doen’st mean she’s a bitch. You guys don’t know her personally, so quit juding her. Does anyone know her personally, if you do know her personally, own up and tell us. If not, please stop spreading shit like you’re doing.

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  2. You can’t tell that she’s a bitch by the lemon-pout mouth and her just staring dead-eyed into the camera and her final comment? Seriously? Well then you must be a dumb cunt bitch too, Molly.

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    1. You talk about this site fights sexual harassment, yet you call women cunt, bitches and hos?
      I have to do an oral report for my psychology class, and if I can, I’ll do it on trolls and how mentally unstable they can be.

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      1. Don’t you think people will find it much more interesting if you talk about the psychological drives of a well-known media figure who continually sexually harrasses women while streaming the video live, talking of “dark triangles” among other things?

        Anonymous trolling on the internet is a boring subject. Actually examining the man you seem to support so much, and examining why you keep posting here but never have a single thing to say about the appalling way he treats women and subordinates, would be far more interesting.

        Don’t you think Molly? Don’t you think you should examine why you don’t ever say a single thing about the way *an employer* (not anonymous bloggers who aren’t responsible for anyone’s livelihoods) treats women?

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  3. You’re setting yourself and this site up for a slander and defamation lawsuit.

    1. You used Elgan’s realname.
    2. You used Amira’s likeness and called her a “crazy bitch”

    These are two big no-no’s. If I were you I would either change the wording of this post or just delete it.

    I like most of what you post here HelloWorld but doing it like this is just stupid.

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    1. I’m an attorney and it is perfectly within the law to comment on someone’s looks and personality. It’s called Free Speech, dickwad.

      Oh, and by the way Clarence Darrow, “Slander” is spoken; “libel” is written.”


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      1. HelloWorld (Holden),

        Don’t attack me I’m just trying to help TD’s ass but if you want to go with your first amendment argument go ahead and restore the original post before you edited it and while you’re at it go ahead and tell us all about what Leo did to Abby.

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  4. First off , the lead video of Amira and her fruit plate will get the Gum booted from her bed. Second, what’s up with that ‘field producer’ job description ??? Does it mean she phones it in and never shows up at the SHiT house?

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