Lindsey Turpentine hides behind a microphone, but we have eyeballs

We see what you're doing, Lindsey.
We see what you’re doing, Lindsey.

Horrible TNT co-host and stay-at-home-loser-Mommy Lindsey Turrentine insists on hiding her double chin behind a giant microphone “pop” screen. But we at TotalDrama have eyeballs and can see what she’s up to. We see everything. We see you. And we see your fat head.

7 thoughts on “Lindsey Turpentine hides behind a microphone, but we have eyeballs”

    1. Exactly. TNT is shit. And we report on that from time to time. And that includes fathead CNET weirdos broadcasting from their dining rooms with bad microphone etiquette.

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  1. Did all Cnet people go to the same school of how to NOT use a Heil PR-40? Cause she’s pulling the same stupid talking across the can that her buddy Tom insists on to this day.

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    1. And what’s the point of a pop screen if you are not even aimed at it. I wonder myself what “broadcasting school” they went to. The “talking over the mic” with something like a PR-40 is just wrong and amateurish.

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